DoR Bridge Management System

About us:

National highways, feeder roads and other roads of national importance constitute the Strategic Roads Network (SRN). Altogether 21 highways and 208 numbers of feeder roads with total road length 14,000 plus kilometers have been categorized by the Government of Nepal as SRN. Bridges play a vital role in making the roads trafficable throughout the year. The bridges in SRN are managed by the Department of Roads through the Bridge Project, which itself is in a process of being a "Bridge Branch" within DoR organization. The main objective of the Bridge Project is "to provide safe, reliable and cost effective bridges on Nepal's Strategic Roads Network."

Developing a well planned, prioritized and rigorously monitored investment approach is the main challenge currently faced by the "Bridge Project". The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Department of Roads has developed this web based software in Bridge Management System (BMS) for the improvement in the bridge inventory management, systematic planning and prioritization for the bridge sector investments.

Bridge Management System (BMS) is believed to be a critical part of governance under the SRN Program. This software has been approved by the Government of Nepal (secretary level) as the official tool for bridge inventory management, planning and priotization on 28 Feb, 2013.

Guest users:-

General public are categorized under this type. Anyone of the world can have access to BMS without any authentication requirement from the administrator. These users have limited access to the bridge database and do not have privilege to change, update the information on the bridge records. They have full access to information on all existing bridges and new crossings that have been recorded as gaps needing a bridge.

Divisional/Regional user:-  

They are the users from the Division Roads offices and Regional Roads Directorate offices. They have privilege to edit /add/view new and existing bridges within their divisional/regional boundary. Concerned DRO chiefs and Regional Directors fall under this category of users. These users have to get a users id and password from the Department of Roads, Bridge Project, BabarMahal for logging into the system.