DoR Bridge Management System


Q1. How Bridge Codes were formulated?

Followings system of coding were used. 

DD-H001-000 for National Highways
DD-F001-000 for Feeder Roads

In the identification, the first two digits were the code of the district (in digital format) where the bridges are located. The district code number was as provided by the National Planning Commission. The next was for a particular road link. H for Highways (H001 for East West Highway, etc.) and F for Feeder roads with 3 digit link code number. The last three digits were for bridge number in a particular road link. The number has been assigned in ascending order commencing for km 0+000.

Q2. When we opened existing Bridges list they are not in regular serial numbers. Are some numbers missing?

Bridges Nos. are given for existing and new bridges together. So, if we search existing bridges only, then new bridge codes will not be displayed. It looks like some serial numbers are missing.

Q3. Why bridges marks are not set exactly at the central of the bridges?

Bridge Co-ordinates were carried out at the starting chainage of the bridges using GPS machine which then plotted in Google map. Accuracy of GPS machine may vary depending on surrounding topography, weather condition, strength of battery power etc. So there is tolerance between real coordinate and machine read coordinate that is why all bridges marks were not plotted with pin point accuracy.

Q4. Why some recently completed bridges photographs were not attached?

All photographs are at the time of last inspection. So, if bridges were at the starting phase of construction then there photographs may contain river and banks only.

Q5. Can we search bridges with selected criteria?

Yes, we can search the bridges with different attributes i.e. road-wise, name-wise, and type-wise, span nos. etc. Click search bottom and mark desired attributes.